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We started our Christmas display in 1996 …

Each year the display gets bigger and bigger, but it is a family event, where we all get outside and setup the display.  It usually takes us two to three days to get everything running.  We sing Christmas songs, and discuss what Santa is going to bring us this year.  We just have a great time and look forward to it each year.

We have tried to use the new LED lights when possible, but have many strands of lights we have purchased over the years, that still work perfectly find.  Each year right after Christmas we go out and purchase more Christmas lights and figures at 50 % to 75 % off and store them for the next Christmas season.

We now have two 16 channel computerized light controllers that can handle a total of 30 amps each.   Each of the 16 independent channels can turn on, off, set to a specified brightness, ramp up or down, twinkle, and shimmer.  These controllers are connected via CAT 5 Cables to a Windows  7 NETDesktop which runs Showtime Suite II. 

This software is used to Sequence our songs.  You can do this on your own, or purchase pre-sequenced songs.  We have a few of each for our display. 

In 2007 we added 3 different songs sequenced to the music, outdoor speakers delivered the sound to people.

In 2010 we advanced to a new sequencing devices from Light O Rama and software .   We also added a Whole House FM Transmitter which is designed to comply with FCC Part 15C, which governs the use of low power FM transmitters.  The transmitter transmits about of 100 feet.

We also now broadcast on FM 106.9

Planning the 2010 show began in June of this year.   

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